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Solar parks have positive effect on biodiversity – study

Solar parks can have a positive effect on plant and animal life diversity, according to a study commissioned by the Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne). This is mainly due to the permanent and extensive use or maintenance of the grassland in the spaces between rows of panels, which also distinguishes the facilities from land that is used for intensive agriculture or biomass production, write the authors. bne says that more land will be needed in the future for larger solar parks to reach energy and climate targets. To be accepted by local communities, it is of fundamental importance to reconcile the interests of nature conservation, agriculture and solar power generation when building solar parks, said bne managing director Robert Busch. The authors evaluated data from 75 solar parks in Germany, such as documents from the planning and permit process, and closely examined several parks.

The German government has set the target of a 65 percent renewables share in power consumption by 2030 and must therefore expand wind and solar power. Guaranteeing local acceptance for turbines and panels is a hot topic in the current German debate. The economy ministry calls it the chief reason for the controversy surrounding planned rules regulating the minimum distance between wind parks and their nearest settlements.

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